Still Standing

Kenya / IRIN News / 2013 / 11 min. / produced, shot, edited

Still Standing: A Kenyan rape survivor’s quest for justice and healing. IRIN News is proud to announce the launch of “Still Standing”, a multimedia story by award-winning photographer Till Muellenmeister recounting one courageous rape victim’s fight for justice and healing. Ziborah Iala was gang raped in Nairobi, Kenya, in December 2007. The story follows her as she moves from the hospital to the police and to the courts. Along the way, she encounters a law enforcement system indifferent to her suffering and a society that penalizes sexual assault victims rather than perpetrators. The story is accompanied by a haunting interview with Ms. Iala as she describes her struggle and reveals her strength. After the rape, Ms. Iala moved from Nairobi. She ekes out a living from her little ‘shamba’, or farm, but is now unable to pay her son’s school fees. She continues to require medication and treatment, which she receives with support from the Coalition on Violence Against Women. Her court case remains unresolved.


The Star Newspaper

“Produced by Irin Films, the video is a wake-up call to society to face the facts of rape and its consequences, not only to the survivors but also everyone else.”

Laif Photo Agency

“We are delighted that six laif-photographers and seven photographers from our affiliates are among the exhibitors. Nearly 1200 young photojournalists from 71 countries applied for this years FREELENS-Award for young photojournalism. Rolf Nobel, festival manager and one of the jury members, says: “The quality of the works is excellent and they cover a huge variety of topics.” The multimedia slide show “Still Standing” was nominated and exhibited at the LUMIX festival for young photojournalism.