Rwanda / 12 min. / produced and shot / 2017

Video produced for Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation (RLB), a Dutch NGO committed to the empowerment of minorities and social groups that are, have been or are in danger of becoming, the victims of ethnocentric or other forms of hate violence. This video reflects the impact of the radio fictional drama “Musekeweya” in the lives of refugees beyond Rwandan Borders in Congo DRC.

After only one year of broadcast, La Benevolencija’s radio soap opera Musekeweya had become one of the most popular soaps in the country. Independent impact evaluations showed that it had succeeded in changing some of its audience norms and it resulted in increased trust within audience communities. It also induced a measure of criticism into the natural respect the country’s citizens pay their authorities. Moreover, it had taught a population, undergoing massive re-traumatisation due to the Gacaca, how to recognize trauma and how to apply basic healing techniques. Musekeweya remains well-liked till today, and still attracts new and young listeners, as the soap is very popular among school children. In Rwanda, La Benevolencija’s objective is ‘deepening reconciliation and trust in a post-Gacaca Rwanda.