“Africa Cycling Revolution “

Olympic Channel / 6-episode series / 2016 / 53 min./ Director of Photography

Meet cycling’s rising stars from sub-Saharan Africa in the new Olympic Channel Original Series Africa Cycling Revolution. The six-episode series is the Channel’s first original series dedicated to the sport of cycling, and is available exclusively on the Olympic Channel digital platform. Africa Cycling Revolution is a lively and entertaining journey across sub-Saharan Africa to uncover a new generation of cyclists and shows how the sport is reaching new audiences. In Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Congo, cycling is on the rise as a sport and as a way of changing lives.

Episode 1 – Rwanda: The Taxi Bike Riders of Thousand Hills

The incredible tale of top Rwandan female cyclist Jeanne D’arc Girubuntu, and how she became a role model for young cyclists in her country.

Episode 2 – South African BMX Stars are Made in Velokhaya

How does the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy create champions – both on and off South Africa’s BMX tracks?

Episode 3 – Kenyan cycle legends in the making

“We can’t just put a runner on a bike.” How Kenya’s cycle teams are trying to emulate the nation’s sporting heroes.

Episode 4 – Attitude at Altitude: Ethiopian Cycling on the Rise

The behind-closed-doors story of how Alen Girmay became the first winner of the Tour of Ethiopia.

Episode 5 – A Family Affair: The Eritrea Cycling Dynasty

Discover the reasons why cycling is the most popular sport in Eritrea and how the top riders become national heroes.

Episode 6 – The Secrets of DR Congo’s Cycling Revolution

In a nation devastated by an active volcano and 20 years of permanent war, meet the young cyclists aiming for Olympic Games glory.